FSNKLVR X Feit Australia

FEIT was founded in 2005 as a response to a mass produced, bottom line driven industry. An industry disconnected from the traditional art of shoe making. FEIT is a small team of shoemakers trained in the art of traditional shoe making, coupled with some of the finest tanneries in the world. All Feit shoes are made by hand. In 2010 they opened up their factory and its services directly to individual customers and retailers throughout the world via an online platform – http://www.feitdirect.com

The PNTHA Low Cork sneaker was designed by Feit through a unique manufacturing process. Contemplating on how they can communicate with consumers, Feit decided to allow members the ability to request samples for production. The finished product, this hand-sewn cork soled shoe.

Each month the company email images of the newest samples to members who have 10 days to request “MAKE ME A PAIR”. Each sample is subject to MAXIMUM CAPACITY – the maximum number of shoes that can be made based on the material stock levels. Once maximum capacity is reached, production begins. If members respond well to the style but capacity remains, the REMAINING CAPACITY is made available to the general public for Pre Order.

Their love for the dying art of traditional shoe making uprooted an effort to bring the work of hand sewn materials back to life. The Good year Hiker defines a clear relationship of a shoe makers dedication to fine materials, crisp lines and polished leather. Fall in love with the hand-made touch and technical details of the Good year Hiker. Visit the online store for shoes in stock and other leather goods.

On a final note, I spoke to the owners of the company last night over skype and i am geniunely happy for the success and growth of the company. I dream of doing something close, if not better than this with years of practice. Check out my portfolio and let me know what you think, its in the link at the top of the blog also. The attention to details is the main focus, so bring a pen, take notes and leave a comment.