Wexlers & Sabbaticals

Today i did a quick look book for Tsubo footwear, after they sent me a complimentary pair of shoes. A brand that blends fashion conscious styles with the finest in materials. Recognized worldwide, the designs use key pressure points within the cushioned outsole for matchless comfort.

Founded in 1997, Tsubo® is a progressive, design-driven company that fuses metropolitan style with ergonomic design, ensuring that you will never sacrifice style for comfort, or vice versa.

Tsubo creates for the design-conscious, comfort-driven individual who will settle for nothing less than the highest quality materials, substantial comfort construction and extra style points that come from choosing this brand. Relevant, on-point design keeps Tsubo current, while their signature ergonomic construction is the foundation on which they build every pair of shoes.

Tsubo shoes soles are built with comfort in mind. All of the styles uniquely have the “cushion oval bubbles” strategically placed on the sole of the shoe at various pressure points of the foot, for the highest amount of comfort. These bubbles not only provide comfort they also allow customers to instantly recognize that these are Tsubo shoes.

On a final note, Victory is greater when you have known defeat. Failure is only postponed success as long as your courage supports your ambition. The habit of persistence is a part of every champion, not matter how small the battle. Never give up, always stand your ground. In the mean time Check out my portfolio and let me know what you think, its in the link at the top of the blog also. The attention to details is the main focus, so bring a pen, take notes and leave a comment.