FSNKLVR X Otabo Works

I just discovered a great brand that has raised the stakes on where quality shoes are made. Italy is no longer the spot. Bespoke shoes deliver on the promise every good shoemaker wishes they could fulfill for their customers – a shoe that fits like a glove, and a service experience like no other. Otabo is made in china but is made with class.

For customers wanting a more tailored fit or desiring a specific design, Otabo bespoke service is the ultimate custom shoe service.

Each shoe is made on lasts crafted to your measurements, and fitted with custom countoured sockliners or footbeds.

Whether you want a bespoke shoe for its pedigree or its comfort, Otabo Bespoke will provide you with personalized service that results in a shoe that lasts a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.

On a final note, Stay strong, and stay positive. Maybe nothing is working out right now, but maybe thats just a part of the puzzle pieces assembling into the picture that you deserve. Keep calm, shit happens. The attention to details is the main focus, so bring a pen, take notes and leave a comment.