FSNKLVR X Thorocraft

Thorocraft holds onto a solid and continuous commitment to four basic principles: craftsmanship, quality, durability, and comfort.

All materials and fabrications are genuinely manufactured and hand-made in Vietnam and Italy in limited numbers. One of Thorocraft’s most recognized aspect is the stringent enforcement of quality control standards in every shoe manufactured. Thorocraft, we are thoroughly crafted.

Classic details evolve and transform silhouettes to create bold statements that acknowledge the thoughts and aspirations of today’s contemporary man.

Fresh modern perspective on classic footwear design, while refining classic looks for today’s contemporary gentleman

Despite the popularity in men’s footwear styles and the subsequent attempts of those to reappropriate them, few have achieved the same level of vision as THOROCRAFT.

The theme is manifested over the Ross, Troy and Roman styles while other highlights include the laser-cut Mercer which offers exceptional breathability for a shoe of its kind.

Look for availability soon through a growing list of global stockists with prices ranging between $180-$250 USD. For more information visit the brand’s official site.

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