Nigerian Nostalgia Nexus

Often i think to myself about morphing the Nigerian Aesthetic and all that comes to mind is the Practical Tribal Representations as opposed to the uncomfortable western ideals that have turned into cliches.


Sometime last year, Temi Adebayo and I spoke about creating proper hand crafted goods with Engineered African Wax Prints that wouldn’t be a cliche piece of clothing.


We settled on a five panel, as some know is tough to make, which is why it took nearly a year to realize.


After working closely with a skilled Nigerian menswear tailor here in Lagos, it was realized gloriously in 2 weeks. We plan to keep pushing Quality Dry Goods that stem from Innovation, Function and Culture.


These photos were taken in the Ajah market and Lekki craft market, same place the hat was made and the fabric sourced, marking the start of the Nigerian Nostalgia Nexus Project.


In my next post in the series i will have a more in depth analysis on our inspiration for this 5 panel and the rest of this capsule collection. For now enjoy the visuals.


Considering i am currently back in italy for my second masters, there will be delays on part of this post but no doubt it wont be left to collect dust.


On a final note, No one is going to give you the education you need to overthrow them. Nobody is going to teach how to be strong, if they know that that knowledge will help set you free. The attention to details is the main focus, so bring a pen, take notes and leave a comment.