Poplin, Paisley & Planes

I kicked off the new year in Nigeria but now I am back to some well needed learning in Italy for a near future project I will reveal soon enough.

fun 004

Finished my first masters in product design last year successfully, now on to the next one in bespoke shoe making this time in Florence.
Caught up with my homie in Milan a couple weeks back, stefano Carloni, who has once again beautifully captured me in a button up shirt and shorts from the new givenchy collection.

fun 013

The sneakers are a personal favorite I have had my eye on for years, so naturally when I found the last pair in my size I had to buy it, Mason Martin Margiela is nothing but a genius. Too bad he sold the company and it is now owned by diesel.

fun 022

I have received a lot of bad mouthing for my recent outfits glorifying a certain aesthetic made popular in recent times through a rapper who shall not be named.

fun 051

Quite frankly I have to admit I missed the head of the nail on my recent appearances but I aim to change all that this year. So this is my Coming To Europe post. Stay tuned for more, things will be getting progressively interesting in the next couple months. Appreciate the support and kind words. Criticism is also eagerly welcomed.

fun 056

I have to say i have become quite addicted to buying Givenchy. I dont want to flood this blog will the collection i have amassed so far.

fun 067

Forgive the awkward hairstyle, i was trying out a dapper aesthetic but seeing as i cant part my hair i failed epicly at actualizing the concept. Not sure what to do with my hair at this point. shaving it might be my default henceforth.

fun 073

On a final note, Dare to look foolish. The real fools are those who never attempt anything. Dare to make mistakes. They are the best teachers you ever know. Dare to take action. There’s a risk you may fail. Yet if you take no action failure is a certainty.. The attention to details is the main focus, so bring a pen, take notes and leave a comment.